Laser Cutting And 3-D Printing

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In this book, the authors take the reader through the principles of 3D printing; the benefits to the railway modeller; how the printers work and the various types of printers and materials available to the modeller; the do's and don'ts of building structures in the materials available; an overview of the various CAD packages on offer and a simple entry-level tutorial; how to check your 3D printable file to ensure it contains no manifold errors and how to fix these prior to printing; troubleshooting; finishing your 3D printed component. A separate chapter will introduce laser cutting for the modeller and include a section on brass etching. Again the technology for laser cutting has existed for many years but the machines are now affordable for modelling societies. Large or small scale model carriage and wagon bodies and smaller components can be constructed by this method, typically in metals or wood, to an accuracy and finish that rivals anything produced by a manufacturer. The book contains how-to summaries for each section and is well illustrated with step by step techniques where appropriate, the various stages of 3D printing, the types of CAD packages and printers available to the modeller, and examples of models and components produced by 3D printing.

Soft back.

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