abc British Railways Locomotives Combined Volume and Locoshed Book Summer 1960

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A classic 'abc' reprint from Summer 1960, which has never been reprinted before, together with the very popular addition of the locoshed allocations from the same period

Over the years many of the abc 'Combined Volumes' have been reprinted but the Summer 1960 edition, published in May of that year, has never been reprinted. It lists all the locomotives operating on British Railways in the summer of 1960 and includes the significant numbers of steam locomotives still in existence as British Railways had just built its final steam locomotive, '9F' Evening Star, earlier that year. Within seven years steam disappeared completely from the landscape and yet in 1960 a large proportion of the steam fleet remained intact. Also included are the diesel and electric locomotives and multiple units which were taking over an increasing number of workings and completely replaced steam locomotives by the end of the decade.

Alongside the Summer 1960 Combined Volume, this reprint also includes the Summer 1960 Locoshed Book. Together, these two volumes provide a detailed picture of Britain's railways before the mass withdrawal of steam operation.

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