The InterCity Story 1964-2012

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ISBN: 9780860936527
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InterCity was the flagship of British Rail's passenger network. Launched in the early 1960s, the brand was created by BR to highlight its long-distance and express passenger services, and it came to dominate long-distance railway travel. InterCity-branded services were to be seen throughout the BR network serving the East and Coast main lines, the Midland main line, the Great Western and Great Eastern main lines as well as the complex network of routes that formed the northeastsouthwest corridor.

Chris Green and Mike Vincent compiled The InterCity Story in 1994 just prior to the break-up of the business following the passage of the 1993 Railways Act. This provided a detailed history of InterCity from its origins in the 1960s through to the point of publication, and speculated on its post-Privatisation future. This new book, which is in part, a revision of the earlier volume, brings the story up-to-date by reflecting how the various franchisees have handled the routes that they have operated since Privatisation. Again compiled by Chris Green and Mike Vincent, the book will have the undoubted advantage that the authors know all the significant and influential figures from both before and after the period of Privatisation, and provide a first-hand and revealing account of almost 50 years of railway history.

'Thoroughly recommended, as it is well presented, well-written and above all very informative'. Railways Illlustrated

"It's an in-depth study by two railway professionals, and recounts the full history of the InterCity 'brand' from the beginning...(a) weighty, well-illustrated book. The commentary - full, fair and frank - is accompanied by over 50 pages of 'factfiles'....making this the standard reference work for an important era of development in long-distance railway travel." NRM Review


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