Making All Stops : New York City Subway Photography Vol one 1970 to1976

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Originally released in Sept.2011.

Vol.One has 120 pages, 244 photos, all color train photos

The book is only available in softcover, no e-books or hardcover.

Page size: 8 1/2 x 11
Photos are mostly from 1970 to 1976, some exceptions for comparison purposes.



Now making our debut in the UK at Ian Allan..this book is not sold on Amazon or other larger book store chains.

The publisher wants to support train book stores and museum stores where the train enthusiasts shop.

Volume One book is a tribute book to the work of a NYC subway employee who also took photos in his spare time as a hobby.  He was a prolific and adventurous person who took photos from locations sometimes at personal risk.

This book has the work of many different photographers who were his friends and some later in the 1980's who he influenced in have the advantage of having train yard vantage points a regular passenger cannot get and when you're an employee you know what trains are supposed to where and what is the rare photo to get..

We have a great team of talented photo buffs who contributed to both books in the series.  The color images were done using great detail work to capture the true closeness of the image, photos have dates and captions..some have interesting stories to mention or historical significance. If you like NY subways from the 1970's and some 1980's are in this also, this would be a great addition to your book collection.


In case you are wondering, the publisher wants to note that Vol.Two book is not in print yet and the plan is to do that in the following year.

If you like Book #1, you would enjoy the next book and that book would also be made available to get through Ian Allan Publishing if the demand is there..get on board for Vol.One and take a trip to early 1970's NYC when many new things were happening in the system, such as the origins of graffiti by 1972 and how that later was the norm for the remainder of the 1970's when the NY subways had that reputation worldwide..later by 1989, it was all cleaned up and many older cars removed from service. It was a long transition and along those years, you get to enjoy some of the work from hardcore photo buffs and knowledgeable New Yorkers who travelled the system to snap the images of how it was regardless.

You have a variety of photographers, locations, car types, paint schemes, and tough to get vantage points all in this book series.

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