Railways in Retrospect 6: East Coast Mail Line Disasters

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The East Coast route from London to Edinburgh is one of Britain's premier main line railways. Once the scene of the Victorian-era 'Race to the North', of the 'Flying Scotsman' and epic feats of performance by Mallard and the famous 'Deltic' diesels, it has also been the scene of some of Britain's most memorable rail disasters. This book tells the story of how these disasters shaped the improvement of railway safety as attention focused on human error and design failure so that travel became both safer and faster.

The book provides powerful accounts of well-known disasters such as the multiple collision in the snow at Abbott's Ripton, the collision at Dunbar and the high-speed derailment at Morpeth and shows how the type of accident changed over time with thematic coverage of aspects such as problems with signalling or with pedestrians, carriages and cars at crossings, culminating in the worst recent disaster, at Great Heck.

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