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The 60cm gauge light railways of the Great War continue to exercise a fascination almost a century after their creation. Both the Allies and the Central Powers (Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire) employed narrow gauge railways for the tactical re-supply of troops in forward areas. Never previously had any group, business or government department organised a new railway network (of any gauge) on such a grand scale and at such short notice. A most important point about the concept of the WDLR is that its birth came about during a brief 'window of opportunity', following the successful development of small internal combustion powered locomotives but before the perfection of the robust 'cross-country' pneumatic tyre. Within a decade, the all-wheel-drive, pneumatic tyred, i/c engined road truck would enter military service, at a stroke rendering the light railways obsolete whilst tracked armoured fighting vehicles (both tanks and self-propelled artillery) would restore mobility to the wider battlefield

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