Holland Paraat! 1: Equipment of the Dutch Field Army

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This 104 page title is very similar in format to the Concord series of books, in that it's mainly photographic in nature, after an initial introduction giving some background to the development and status of the Dutch Army in 1940. The book doesn't really attempt to explain why the Dutch Army was defeated so quickly by German forces, although it does make some brief suggestions.


The text is in dual Dutch/English text throughout, beginning as said, with several short sections explaining such things as build up of the Dutch Army and the Military situation just prior to the German invasion. Although only a few pages, it nevertheless sets the scene for the main content of the book, ninety-six pages of period photographs offering a very general overview of the equipment in use in Holland at this time. As the authors state at one point, it doesn't claim to be an exhaustive study of what was available or in use, but nevertheless offers an interesting insight into what existed in the country at that time, and a great many interesting photographs that probably haven't been published before.


Most of the photographs are displayed two to a page, often full page, and each is informatively captioned in dual Dutch/English text, indicating the subject and salient points of interest. The photographs themselves are of an unusually high standard for this sort of book, very few being 'fuzzy', and were they are, there's a good reason for including them, such as one rare photograph of a Landsverk M.38 armoured car. Other standout photographs for me are one of the Cyclist Corp on parade in Hertogenbosch, reminiscent of rush hour in downtown Shanghai, transporting motorbikes across a river via the use of flotation bags, and a full page photograph of the prototype DAF 139 amphibious car with steering at both ends!


Interspersed within these photographs are a small number of colour plates illustrating a Dutch soldier from this period, a Ford 1939 PAG gun tractor, and a Böhler 47mm Anti-tank gun. There is also a double page spread showing colour photographs from a Museum of two field guns and a Ford V8 with mobile kitchen.

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