Michael H C Baker

This is the twelfth book on aspects of London Transport from Michael Baker for Ian Allan. Born in Thornton Heath in 1937 he was serving as a national serviceman in the RAF when the prototype Routemaster appeared. Before and after national service and before becoming an art student Michael was a trainee reporter and photographer with the Croydon Advertiser, and then worked for the architectural and industrial photographers, Bedford Lemere, founded in the Strand in 1861, which entailed travelling all over London and its suburbs, which gave him the opportunity to observe and sneakily photograph buses, trolleybuses, Green Line coaches, and Underground trains in all sorts of locations. Michael’s life long interest in public transport has made him many friends both in the business and amongst enthusiasts, often the same thing, not least with Clive Gillam with whom he used to go bus spotting when at Winterbourne Primary School in the mid 1940s. He has also had many books and articles published on railways, on education, on the environment and people and places all over the world.

As a member of Friends of the wonderful London Transport museum at Covent Garden and a regular contributor to their newsletter, Michael has also long been a member of the London Bus Preservation Trust and is presently putting together its history as it moves from its original home at Cobham to historic Brooklands

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