Steam In Serbia 1882-2007

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ISBN: 9700000040303
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Serbia's narrow and standard gauge railways were once graced by an astonishing variety of steam engines manufactured by some of the leading locomotive factories in Europe and the USA. Today it is one of the last places in Europe where steam locos can still be found in regular service. Whilst much of the rich heritage of the past has as elsewhere been lost, thanks to the efforts of some farsighted individuals a surprising amount has been saved for future generations to enjoy and admire. Steam in Serbia is a profusely illustrated book that traces not only the fascinating history of the railways of Serbia but also the development of railway preservation in the country, as well as listing every existing steam locomotive (Keith Chester). Book contains a history of Serbian State Railways (1882-1915) and all standard and narrow gauge lines built in this period, all industrial lines and district railways gauge 760mm, occupation period 1915-1918 and all lines build by Germans and Austrians, war reparations and creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians until 1922. 

In second part all preservation projects in Serbia are present: Railway museum Beograd, narrow gauge museum Pozega, museum railway at Mokra Gora with history of that line, museum train Romantika and the Blue Train of late President Tito. In third part of the book there are 112 steam locomotives still exist in Serbia (standard, 600mm, 760mm and 900mm) with a history of lines where some of them were working. At the end of the book there are lists of locomotives which were working in Serbia and statistic of deliveries from Djuro Djakovic factory, East, West and USA to the very last locos delivered 1961, including list of all locomotives belonging to depots in Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia in 1949/50.

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